Butcher Babies and Jezebel Dogs at The Nick

New SLJ album teaser
New SLJ Album Teaser
January 21, 2016
SLJ's Jimmie and Eric Acoustic
Video: SLJ’s Jimmie and Eric Acoustic at Smith’s Olde Bar
May 10, 2016

Before one understands the unique musical phoenix that is the Jezebel Dogs, it makes common sense to take a quick trip back to appreciate the raw magic of this band…

Flashback circa mid 80’s: Southeast America was keeping a dark musical secret under its rich storied cloak. Not the Muscle Shoals sound or Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama, but a sticky, rough-edged sound of sweet n’ sour rock n’ roll, permeated from the transplants of rock royalty.

Influenced by innovators like the Ramones, Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, Kiss, and even the later introductions of Southern Death Cult, Mother Love Bone & the West coast scene, young & hungry rock soldiers started banding together like street gangs in the night, taking post on all corners of major city south sides and legendary musical breeding grounds.

The 90’s had become an eclectic & exciting time for music, the arts & all nightlife in general. Birmingham powerhouses like Electric Circus, the Autumn Lords, Slick Lilly & Universal Joint were dominating the region and continued to do so for over a decade. Anyone who came into the Southeast expecting only the southern slide mellowness of the Allman Brothers were quickly awakened w/ a loud pop to the ears by the sheer power of these bands. The secret was out and the corporate wolves came to feed on this gold mine in the South. Most died, some survived….

Fast forward to the 21st century, present-day:
Members and bonafide survivors from all aforementioned Birmingham groups come together in a supernova explosion of rock nirvana. First, by performing for leisure and a round of cold ones. Then gradually playing to nurture demand. The Jezebel Dogs surface back onto the scene w/ a hungry fervor, unmatched by other acts on their turf. These dogs are here to take back their ground. You’re either in, or you’re their next meal. Choose wisely.

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